Trailers (9)

Trailers of all shapes and sizes including commercial low boys and other heavy truck trailers.


Equipment (11)

Equipment and machinery including excavating machines and other construction type equipment offered for sale by Burchfield's Truck Sales.

Truck Bodies

Truck Bodies (6)

Truck Bodies currently in inventory at Burchfield's Truck Sales.

Salvage Trucks

Salvage Trucks (51)

Salvage Trucks


Miscellaneous (8)

Miscellaneous vehicles such as ambulances, armored cars, ATVs, fire trucks, motorcycles and MORE!


Cars (8)

Passenger cars including sedans and coupes currently for sale at Burchfield's Truck Sales.

Pickup Trucks & SUVs

Pickup Trucks & SUVs (26)

Light Pickup Trucks, Vans and SUVs offered for sale at Burchfield's Truck Sales.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles (8)

Recreational Vehicles including campers, rv's, boats, motorcycles and other recreational styled vehicles currently in inventory.

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