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November 18, 1997

Dear Dave, Please le me personally thank you for your help this past weekend in our time of need. Your prompt response to our dilemma made a potential crisis situation a whole lot easier. If there is ever anything I can do for you please let me know. Best personal regards. Very truly yours,

--F. Robert Albarano Vice President/Construction

January 29, 1998

Burchfield Towing, Today I needed to call AAA roadside assistance due to a flat tire. They gave me the phone number of a local towing agency to call direct. The towing agency was Burchfield's and the service was excellent. The initial call was taken quickly and had someone on the line to answer a technical question and give me a time estimate. Taking my phone number and location of where I could be reached in case they couldn't make it when estimated. They phoned me upon leaving to go to my vehicle and asked if in route they could also pick me up along the way. The people I dealt with from Burchfield's were friendly, courteous, and extremely helpful in a roadside situation. They are truly an asset to your AAA roadside services. Sincerely,

--Cathy A. Eckard

March 9, 1998

Dear Mr. Burchfield, This note is a bit late in coming, but is no less sincere. I want to thank you for the courteous way you and your son treated me, my wife and four of our friends on Sunday, November 23, 1997. I had my first accident in forty-nine years of driving near your place of business in Duncansville, PA. Your son was passing by, stopped and offered help before the police and ambulance arrived. By the time police and medical people finished their work your son had gone to your place of business, notified you about our problem and returned with a rollback to transport us. When we reached your business we found you had left your home Sunday morning and had come to help. You took a Lincoln Town Car from your lot and in less than one hour we were headed home. I have been an automobile dealer for almost forty years and never encountered any more considerate treatment than you and your son afforded us. Thank you again for your kindness. Sincerely,

--D. Richard Guise


April 2, 2003

Dear Mr. David Burchfield, Dave Jr. and Rick, Ordinarily we would not consider it a stroke of good luck to have the front axle of our six year old car break when we were sixty miles from home, but yesterday was different, and we are counting our blessings. We were lucky that it broke where we could get out of traffic easily, but mostly we were lucky that it broke in your AAA territory. Our first wave of relief was when your tow truck driver arrived not in the expected 60 minutes, but in 30. Secondly, he came with a truck that carried rather than towed our car, avoiding further damage to it. Thirdly, this retired gentleman proved to be not only thoughtful and considerate, but our key to meeting you. Please give him our thanks. We had looked the car over pretty thoroughly, we thought, and could see nothing amiss. But as the car was being unloaded, Dave took one look and said, “You have a broken axle!” We knew then without a doubt that our car was in the hands of an excellent mechanic. While we waited David Sr. graciously offered us the use of a car to go to lunch. We were tired and hungry and really appreciated that gesture! We settled our bill with Rick, who not only gave us a generous settlement on the old axle but his trust and best wishes for our journey. Folks like you are the salt of the earth. We have sung your praises to everyone and continue to thank you! Sincerely,

--Loretta Jeffreys

November 23, 2004

To the Burchfield Family & Co, Nov. 5th did not turn out as my mother and aunt and I had planned, but we were glad you came to our service. In spite of our van trouble we had a few laughs…. Maybe even more than a few! Thank you all for being kind and so personable. You could have ignored us for the five hours we spent with you, but instead all of you made us fill welcome. Also, thank you for promptly towing our van and getting to work on it so immediately. We made it to Fayetteville without a hiccup! Unfortunately on Sunday the van had to be towed back to Clarion, (it turned out it had a blown head gasket-as you suspected). At any rate we went on to have a fun weekend in spite of our troubles. Just wanted to thank you for your help and kindness. And to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season! Take good care,

--Jean Wolf

July 19, 2006

Dear Sirs, Just wanted to “thank you” again for the prompt and efficient service you gave Lois and I yesterday. It was the first time in my driving experience my car needed roadside service. In 90° heat this could have been my worst nightmare but you were so kind and dropped us off at the sandwich shop and Dairy Queen. Even thou we missed the annual banquet, you made our visit in air conditioning a pleasant experience. I would recommend your business anytime and hope if my Buick Le Sabre ever breaks down again, you are close. You were angels,

--Violet Garman

December 8, 2006

To whom it may concern: Late in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 5th, I called AAA to set up towing for my disabled truck. Since it was nearing closing time for most businesses, I wanted the truck picked up the next morning and delivered to miller Auto in Woodbury. They (AAA) refused, saying they don’t make appointments, and that I would have to call back in the morning to initiate the pickup and delivery. With that development, I called your office directly, knowing you would likely be the ones dispatched to get my vehicle. The lady who answered my call listened to my story and, in my opinion, went “above and beyond the call of duty”. She took all my information, so that she could have a driver pre-notified of what was to be done early Wednesday morning when you got the call from AAA. I was pleased to say the least. The purpose for this note is to say a big “Thank You” to the lady who took my call Tuesday afternoon, and I’m sorry I didn’t get your name. That was wonderful service! I won’t go into all the reasons why, but your words and actions took a lot of stress off my mind. So again, thank you… thank you… thank you! It’s great to know we have organizations like yours, with people like you, here in Blair County. I cannot imagine better service than you provided when I needed help. Highest Regards,

--Hal Grove


January 17, 2009

Mr. President, I wanted to on behalf of the Cresson Area Ambulance Service Inc. “Thank You”, Rich, Jim and your entire staff of dedicated professionals. We appreciate your service, excellent work and attention to customer satisfaction. Many times on short notice we have had an ambulance break down, lost air conditioning, lost heat, tires flat, on and on. Never did I ever here, “bring it in tomorrow”. Rich and the Guys always treat us as family with immediate attention. The staff of Cresson Area Ambulance Service, Inc, myself, Beth, Jim and the staff cannot begin to “Thank you” and the Burchfield Organization enough. Thanks so much. Sincerely,

--Gerald Stevens, President Cresson Area Ambulance Services, Inc.

November 27, 2013

Dear Tyler, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Father and Grandfather and the rest of the Burchfield family. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort that you have put into the Altoona Sears location. I am very grateful and honored to have my company Barbush Rentals, Inc. work with such an outstanding company as the Burchfield organization. Sincerely,

--Bob Barbush

Dear Rick, Dave, & Crew, Thank you so much for the work you did on my car. She was pretty sick, but you brought her back to life! I depend on my car for my livelihood; so your hard work is truly appreciated. I’ll recommend you to all my sick friends…. I’ve got a lot of ‘em!



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